I have gone on from Andrew Ng's class on Machine Learning to applying the concepts using scikit-learn and wrangling data using Pandas through Data School's tutorial. Moving on to Udacity's Machine Learning nanodegree now!

Pandas Series by Data School

This is a free course offered by Data School.


If you do not like reading books or guides, this is a very good series. You might think it’s simply a series of videos but it covers a lot of essential parts of pandas that allow you to have an adequate knowledge to work with scikit-learn and actual data sets.

Again, I cannot emphasise how Mark has a way to deliver simple and succinct explanations on complicated topics. This is very important for beginners.

I hope you found the notes that I have derived from the course useful! They are some variations on Github by others so feel free to use them too if you feel their explanations are clearer.

I will be moving on to Udacity’s Machine Learning nanodegree along with other online resources where I will document my progress. You can view my personal list on how to be a Machine Learning Engineer here.

All the best, Ritchie.