It's basically a google for quickly finding code for research papers.

This is basically “the Google” for searching code for computer science papers on arXiv. It’s currently concentrated on deep learning and machine learning. I started this companion website to to encourage reproducible research. You can easily search for code that are implemented by the authors themselves or often by others.

As an undergraduate conducting research in deep learning, I actively try to verify past papers’ experiments before building on them for major projects and papers. And I found that many, if not most, authors do not release their codes. And there are many issues associated with research that is not reproducible as shown in Nature Reproducible Research.

And because I ran out of ways to extend this website well that is proudly served through Github by Github Pages for free forever, I decided to create a separate application. If you understand how Github Pages only allow static pages, you would come to realize why I could not effectively build this function on this website; or at least effectively build one where others can post too. It’s meant for myself, but I hope some people would find gloqo useful too and contribute!

I will keep it short and just repeat the Science Code Manifesto:

All source code written specifically to process data for a published paper must be available to the reviewers and readers of the paper.